Integrating Allegro Datafile support into an open source MP3 player library.
Developed: 2006 Platform: Windows, Linux
Elegant online magazine creation software for a more civilised age.
Developed: 2007 Platform: Web
Retail sales calculation for a high-pressure, high-risk situation.
Developed: 2009 Platform: Windows
BitTorrent client as a prototype for software distribution methods.
Developed: 2011 Platform: Windows
Sometimes you're so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you don't stop to think if you should.
Developed: 2008 Platform: ZX Spectrum
Mad Dog McCree's gang have taken over the town! The Mayor and his daughter have been taken hostage and the Sheriff's been locked up in jail, we're gonna have to get him out to help with the gang. Can you help?
Developed: 2009 Platform: ZX Spectrum
You haven't worked on a legacy system until you've questioned whether you're living in a parallel dimension where Xerox PARC never existed.
Developed: 2015 Platform: Windows